March 2011

March 31, 2011

SHARE THIS / was created by our amazingly talented and generous photographic community. Founded in Wilmington, NC, its mission is to keep our military families at the forefront of our consciousness for all they sacrifice on a daily basis.  It’s a way to keep deployed families within an arm’s reach of each other, even while serving overseas.  At the crux is a set of bi-fold photos, taken by some of the most well-respected, highly sought-after photographers in our nation.  These bi-folds fit neatly in the deployed serviceperson’s uniform pocket. The photos are of immediate family: children, and spouses.  The inside of the bi-fold is an intimate, “for their eyes only” shot of the other spouse.  The wallet-sized, plastic-coated set of folded photos means the world to the  person carrying it.  It means s/he has family at their fingertips when they are half-way across the globe.

I’ll never forget the day that Charleston photographer, Diana Deaver, asked me to be involved with this project.  She was the local photographer who was asked to photograph a Charleston Air Force family before the husband/dad’s deployment.  Although I did not know much about this organization at the time, I did know Diana.  She possesses one of the most giving, generous hearts of any one I’ve ever met.  There was no “let me check my calendar. . .” it was only, “tell me where and when, D. . .”  As you can see from the resulting photographs, she got what she was aiming for with this young military family.

The icing on the cake came in the form of a Brownie.  Harris, that is.  I was set up in the kitchen of our studio for the day, and I heard a voice I’ll always have locked in.  That mellifluous, genteel voice of Brownie Harris.  I had no idea he’d be popping in during the day, nor that he was involved in this at all.  But as a matter of fact, Brownie is one of the visionaries of this organization.  He has helped grow into something so much more far-reaching than was ever imagined.  He spoke glowingly of Diana and said what a gifted photographer of women she was; that she had an especially sensitive way of helping women let their guard down, and then REALLY capturing them with her camera.  I found this to be the highest of compliments, but having seen Diana work previously, I already knew it to be true.  It was simply phenomenal to hear Brownie articulate it.

This is one of the most worthwhile projects I’ve ever been involved in.  Thank you, Universe, for allowing me to see this first hand.  And thanks to the following:

The Kihn-Hurt family. . . for letting your family’s light shine on us all, and for the sacrifice you make every day., for such a magnificent undertaking.
Diana Deaver, photographer of souls.
Brownie Harris, for your insight, direction, and worldly experience.
Collette Mruk, for your supreme organizational skills and kind heart.
Mike K., for the use of your home and space.
And to anyone else whom I’ve unwittingly left out. . . thank you.


Michele. With one L.

March 29, 2011


Meet Michele.  From Seattle.  She’s as all-that as the peacock feathers and blue/violet streaks in her hair.  She’s as unique as her impeccable, font-like handwriting; she is Michele with one L.

Michele who begins her wedding day with a cocktail reception.  Then moves into the ceremony.  Then has the party.  Michele who comes to Charleston’s magnificent Magnolia Plantation and knows she need not look any further.  (It was the absolute perfect backdrop for her wedding).

Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
Photos by Torrence Photography (of Charlotte, NC)
Hair by Tanesha Dupree (here we go, gurl!)
Makeup by mee.  With two e’s 😉


The Quintessential Nude Lip

March 8, 2011

This is it; look no further.  If you are a fan of the “nude lip”, get thee to a MAC counter!  Viva Glam Gaga 2 will keep your lips in the most understated, perfectly au naturel lip shade.  And 100% of the $14.50 cost goes to the MAC AIDS Foundation.  Just for kicks (and total […]

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My New Obsession. . .XTreme Lash Extensions

March 4, 2011

My natural lashes; no makeup. Me after my first lash extension application; no makeup. I. Love. Lashes.  Whether mascara’d, false, uber-fake feathery, or this:  XTreme Lashes!   Ask any of my previous or current clients: I’m a Lash Gurl.  Lashes are the difference-maker, whether in photographs or just running out of the house for errands.  If […]

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Karma. Katie. Southern Weddings Magazine.

March 1, 2011 I have a love affair with Southern Weddings Magazine.  As its website says, “ILoveSWMag.”  My love of this magazine began last year when I was a participant in a photo shoot for its Volume 3 cover finalist (see previous post).  This magazine manages to capture the essence of weddings in the South.  From the […]

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