October 2014


Not so long ago, I sat in a style symposium keyed by an up-and-coming player in the fashion world.  She said something that I will never forget: that I should have my own personal team of style professionals. . . people who understand my preferences and  can navigate me through my own style evolution; professionals who know trends and classics.  Today’s blog is a shout-out to an important piece of my team: my hair stylist.  Kate is the person I’ve entrusted to take me from a naturally chestnut-brown hair to a vivid blonde; from safe-bob to razored pixie.  She’s a student of chemistry, mixology, skin tones, and coloring.  She’s the person I send a quick text-pic to saying,  “can I pull off this. . .?” We occasionally work together with mutual bridal clients, but I simply adore my Me-time with her, in her chair.  She gets me.  This is Kate Howdyshell. . .

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Photos courtesy of Alice Keeney Photography.

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The lyrics from a late-80s Hall & Oates’ song keep resonating with me because the past seven weeks have kept me pretty much Out of Touch (and Out of Time).

I am still hunkered down from my first semester of esthetics training at Trident Technical College, with one more final exam ahead of me.  Who would have known this would be one of the most intense undertakings of my career?  I certainly did not, but I’m on this path now, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Esthetics or Aesthetics (as my Latin-loving son prefers) is the study of making things beautiful.  In particular, and for my purposes, it’s the study of beautifying and making skin healthy.  It’s Dermatology: skin anatomy and science, which inherently includes malfunction and diseases of the skin; Infection Control (microbes and viruses are nasty little creatures; we want to keep the bad ones out); Fundamentals of Massage (all those lovely strokes that help stimulate blood flow and keep lymph moving); and Electrical Current (skin technology:  the safest, newest most advanced treatments for skin).

So, this is where I’ve been:  Studying and learning.  Back in student-mode.  Where this will lead me, I’m not sure yet.  But I know I’ll be a better beauty editor and makeup artist for it.  I’m feeling that already.


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