Makeup Personality Profile

This survey will give me a better understanding of your makeup preferences and makeup style. My goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day, while still feeling like you!

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My everyday makeup regimen takes me:
5 minutes or less to apply5-15 minutes to apply15 minutes or moreI apply my makeup in the car ride to work

Which statement best describes your daily makeup regimen (not including skincare products):
I don't wear any makeup unless it's a special occasionI wear a little foundation, mascara and a sheer lip productI wear foundation, concealer, blush, a few eye products and lip products

I wear the following type of foundation:
LiquidPressed Powder Foundation Loose/Mineral PowderCream or Stick FoundationTinted MoisturizerI don't wear foundation

I would describe my skin as:

Throughout the day, I check and touchup my makeup:
NeverMaybe one timeMore than once

For my event, I prefer my makeup to be (choose the best selection or selections):
Minimal and Fresh FacedClassic, Sophisticated. I want to emphasize my eyes and define my featuresGlamorous. I want to look "Red Carpet Ready"Dramatic. I love makeup and I want to go big!

Of the celebrities below, I'd describe my makeup preference similar to:
Jennifer Aniston (Natural and Fresh Faced)Kim Kardashian (Glamour Girl)Tyra Banks (Major Makeup Diva)Gwen Stefani (Red Lip Retro Girl)Diane Lane (Classic and Sophisticated)None of the above

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