Scents are Songs, Part 3: Giving the Guys some Love

July 28, 2014


It seems there are just as many fragrances out there for men as there are for women.  And therefore, just as many opportunities to leave a lingering scentpression.  Shamelessly, these are some of my all-time faves:

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Cologne.  Classic.  Enough said.

pPOLO2-1433884_standard_v360x480Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvauge.  A bit more obscure, but referred to in The Preppy Handbook, nonetheless.  Understated.  Kennedy-esque, Cape-Cod clean.


Halston Z-14.  A clubbing must-have fragrance for a man on the prowl.  Totally Limelight.


Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche.  Wow.  I think I preferred this one in an after-shave formula.  Good times.


And that’s it for my olfactory-walk down Memory Lane.  I hope this stirred some memories for you, too.  Can’t wait to hear what men’s scents make you remember. . .


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